Sales Tip: Did You Remember To Ask?

 Remember what it was like when you were a child and you wanted something? What did you do? I am willing to wager that you simply asked for it. In fact if you wanted something bad enough, I would bet that you asked and asked and asked. In fact you may have even claimed it when you were asking. If you have children now, I would like you to notice what they do when they want something. They ask for it. Often they even get what they ask for.

Why is it that as adults, we forget to ask for what we want or need? Is it that because when we were children, we asked and were told " No you can't have that?" Is it because we are simply afraid that we will be told NO?

Now I am going to really stretch out here, stay with me.

At networking meetings I used to host we were holding finalist drawings at each meeting for a trip to the Cayman Islands. There were a few people who were winning these drawings a lot. Why was that? Is it because they were asking for it, or was it because they were claiming it? The answer is both.

A during the length of the contest, I had a discussion with a few people about a phenomenon that I had experienced many times at meetings where they had a drawing for door prizes. Each time the prize was something that I really wanted, I would say out loud "that prize is mine." I would literally claim the prize in spoken words while at the same time believing that I had already won and that I was holding the prize in my hands.

The results were startling. Nearly every time, I won. It was really incredible. In fact the people around me who heard me claim it would ask me how I did that. After it happened a few times, I started doing it more. It continued to happen. 

At the contest progressed, I watched as one woman won the drawing at two meetings in a row. Each time, she claimed the win out loud and won. I saw someone else voice that they would probably win the drawing for one of my audio books, and their card came out of the fishbowl. If we can win drawings by speaking the words, by asking, by claiming them, then why do we not make a sale when we give our presentation? Is it because that we fail to claim the sale out loud? Is it simply because we fail to ask for the sale?

And what about other things in life. Relationships, goals, success, are these not things that we must claim to make them happen? Can we be with the partner of our dreams if we do not use our voice to tell them that we want to be with them? Of course not! Can we get help from someone that can help us if we do not ask for it? Of course not! People can not read our minds. But more than that there is an energy that comes form voicing what we want, from claiming the prize. It is an energy that is just as powerful when we use it for a positive outcome as when we use it for a negative outcome. If we voice a negative outcome, we will often receive it.

Have you ever experienced voicing a negative that came to pass? I bet if you think about it, you probably have. I hate to encourage people to appear to be talking to themselves, but I think that you could start using the power of your mind in combination with the power of the spoken word to start getting more of what you want. I know that it sounds strange, but what do you have to lose? Not a thing.

Can't think of what to say right now? Try this. "Today I have what I need to succeed. I am successful." Say it three or more times a day and see how your week develops. If we use the power of the spoken word in cooperation with the power of our mind, there is nothing we can not do. Let's do it together.

By the way, on the day of the final drawing for the trip, the same woman who had claimed the win so many times in the finalist drawings, won the trip!


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